maandag 30 januari 2023

Worldwide Premiere - Highwalker - Burning Temple


Worldwide Premiere 

Highwalker - The Burning Temple

There has been something brewing in Finland. Great bands are releasing amazing albums by the truckload and the three called Highwalker gave us their riff heavy four slabs of instrumental doom goodness back in July of 2022. The opening track The Burning Temple has now gotten a wild live recorded psychedelic performance video... Go check it out! Just scroll down a bit or click on the youtube link!  

The exciting Finnish heavy trio Highwalker met each other in Oulo in hazy jam sessions in 2017. On their debut-album they create a wild ride into the realms of instrumental doom metal and stoner rock, balancing between the slow and heaviness mixed with the fast and groovy furious. “Highwalker” contains 4 long trippy and jammy spaced-out tracks full of massively psychedelic mindblowing instrumental rock and metal, spicing it up with distorted jazzy parts, cinematic progressive influences, low & slow drones, fuzzy tones, sludgy grooves and heavy post-rock vibes. For your never-ending journeys through the cosmos!

For fans of: Karma To Burn, Monolord, YOB, Earthless, Boris, Elder, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Pelican, Pallbearer, Isis & Monkey3.


    1. The Burning Temple
    2. The Hermit
    3. Under The Twin Suns
    4. The Final Trench Run






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