donderdag 23 juni 2022

Indus Valley Kings – Origin



Indus Valley Kings – Origin
Self released – 2022
Rock, Grunge, Stoner, Metal, Doom
Rated: *****

Did you notice the amount of five star reviews going up on the HiVe? Indeed, the amount of great albums that keep on being released is jaw-dropping. And where we’ve mentioned more prog and psych albums before, this is of an entirely different nature. This is Origin, by New York trio Indus Valley Kings. Down tuned metal, gritty grunge and the stoner influences that can clearly be qualified as punk. One of the things that sets Indus Valley Punks, errr Kings, apart is the shared vocal duty; slinging it out together or taking a separate roll on one or the other song. The other thing is that they do not think twice about coloring a certain song extra grungy, more NOLA metal or with pure doom tones. It gives the entire album this flashback feeling to the time when you copied your favorite songs of a band on a cassette tape to listen to on your Walkman. And I like it, the way the record seems to be able to transport me to my youth. And not because the songs remind you of another song; just because of the overall atmosphere and the pure enjoyment of being surprised hearing the next track. Or even in the middle of the track, just listen to rumbling lead-up to the breakdown in A Cold Wind, man, that’s fly! And so is that sultry and soulful guitarwork that follows. And inspiring album full iron strong songs, not polished, but rough, raw and dirty. It gives the album depth and adds even more color to a record filled to the brim with variation and surprise. Origin is quite a bang and it should definite get a big roar and a huge amount of respect…    

(Written by JK)





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