woensdag 13 oktober 2021

International Premiere – Maragda – Maragda


International Premiere – Maragda – Maragda

We are extremely honored to present to you the International Premiere of the self-titled debut album by Spanish, trio Maragda! A wild and raw trip into the unknown released on Spinda Records together with Nafra Records and Necio Records. Perhaps you have already been hooked by that first single Hermit? Or the one that followed: The Calling? Either way, the album is a sure fire way to get your Maragda love all fired up! Cause the heavy psychedelic garage, the intense stoner moments and that wild pounding fuzz are all one can possible need to set ones heart ablaze! It might even cause you to incite a revolution!

“This record tells the story of Maragda, a civilization that took refuge underground after the Great Disaster. Many years have passed now, and the memory of a life on the surface has completely faded. People live under the oppression of a totalitarian government, The Core, when suddenly a strange voice speaks inside their minds. After this call, a group of rebels launches an expedition through The Unknown, willing to discover the secrets of Maragda





Spinda Records

Nafra Records

Necio Records


The Calling

For all the Spanish crazies around the globe, Mondo Sonoro will handle the Spanish premiere today!


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