donderdag 14 oktober 2021

World Wide Premier – Redscale – The Old Colossus

 World Wide Premier – Redscale – The Old Colossus

Another premier? Why yes! Today we are extremely honored to bring you, the one day early, World Wide Premiere of the brand new The Old Colossus album by Berlin, Germany foursome Redscale! Out on Majestic Mountain Records you might have already read how smitten we are with said album. Cause we wrote a little blurb for that September Doom Charts Peroration and a tiny bit bigger mention for the HiVe a few days ago! “Indeed, it’s huge, it’s large, it’s stoner rock, it’s stoner metal and it’s damn freaking awesome!

Official bio stuff: Redscale is a heavy rock / stoner rock four-piece based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2015, Redscale released several records and brought their live shows to many stages. Redscale plays contemporary heavy rock. The powerful vocals are framed by collosseum-sized chordage, massive hooks and memorable melodies. Earlier releases are:

-    Under The Spell (2016)
-    Set In Stone (2017)
-    Feed Them to The Lions (2019, Karma Conspiracy Records)

And now, due out October 15th, 2021, through Majestic Mountain Records:






Majestic Mountain Records

 'The Old Colossus' comes in 2 color options:

 - Majestic Edition, (Swirl Red/yellow) - LIMITED to 200 copies

- Redscale Edition, (Yellow with purple splatter) - LIMITED to 300 copies 

Both versions contains: 

-Nothing but the heaviest 180-gram vinyl 

-Single sleeve with 3mm spine 

-Blazing full-colour, double-sided insert! 

-Beautiful A3 poster! 

-Black poly-lined inner sleeve, of course. 

-33rpm heaviness 

- All safely protected in a PVC sleeve

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