woensdag 20 oktober 2021

Matt C. White - Creepshow Peepshow: Act II



Matt C. White - Creepshow Peepshow: Act II
Locust Records - October 2021
Stoner, Blues, Southern, Sludge
Rated: *****

Of Grandpa Jack and Dead Seconds fame, Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Matt C. White has been laying down a bluesy, fuzzed-out circus of stoner and grunge in his solo series "Creepshow Peepshow", and the second installment "Act II" is just pure brilliance (again). Right out the gate, there is zero indication what you're hearing is a one-man operation. White's skill with each instrument, along with piercing vocals filled with personality, is impressive and then some. Opener "Mr. Bloody Bones" beckons you into the party with a drawn out intro of fatty low end fuzz and moans, before White unleashes primal screams that are just pure vocal catharsis. The sludge onslaught quickly turns to an impish bounce of growling riffs, and the ensuing chorus is an anthemic release. There are cheeky surprises aplenty, too, as White sneaks in some sliding southern acoustic and clever percussion that throw a little vaudeville fun into the mix. Follow-up and highlight track "Colt Killer" changes up the pace, busting out sinister bluesy licks that are straight ear candy. The tune settles into a mid-tempo creep with eerie keys and punchy drums, and a full throated chorus cinches the deal. In the song's latter half, yet more atmosphere is added with a delicate acoustic break, and then all bets are off as guitars and drums explode into stomping noise. Without spoiling the whole five track experience, it'd be plain irresponsible to not mention epic closer "Revenge". Gothic, southern acoustic guitar creates a melancholy foundation for hard-hitting, heartfelt vocals that will demand sing-alongs live. "Creepshow Peepshow: Act II" (and Act I, for that matter) shouldn't be referred to as just a "one-man band". White has created a work of bonkers creativity and crushing fuzz hooks that can't be missed.

(Written by Shasta Beast)






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