vrijdag 15 november 2019

Whiskey Myers – Whiskey Myers

Whiskey Myers – Whiskey Myers
Universal/Spinefarm – 2019
Rock, Americana, Country, Blues, Southern
Rated: ****

Six-piece outfit Whiskey Myers sounds like the outlaws from the American badlands we all love. One can immediately and very easily assume this looking through the song titles. And as soon as the music starts; you know you were right. It’s their fifth album and by God, have these good ol’ boys been crafting their skills to an unholy degree. Filled to the rim with the very best of everything that those southern American states have to offer. Hard rock with a country twang! Swampy rock, roots rock, smoky tunes, soulful tunes! They’ve got it all. And to show you that these cats can do so much they also go into the sentimental regions. And when a band like this goes into the tear jerk territory it might make you cringe, not so when Whiskey Myers does it! You intentionally go back to those and even more so to all those tracks featuring the female background choirs. Holy hell! Just go enjoy the big gesture track Glitter Ain’t Gold and hear what we mean. Indeed, if you didn’t already wanted to leave the city, this album will definitely make you want to move out to the country… Buy a farm… Poor a bourbon, practice the pedal steel and howl at the moon…

(Written by JK)

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