donderdag 14 november 2019

Météore - Démo 2019

Météore - Démo 2019
Self released - 2019
Psych Rock, Space, Post
Rated: ****

Strange and beautiful like their namesake, Montreal, Québec psych rock band Météore deliver and entrance with spacey, passionate promise in the three tracks that make up their Démo 2019. With songs and lyrics in their native French, the group begin with an eerie intro of gritty fuzz in opener "Conforte du silence" (roughly translating to "comfort of silence") before further layers of guitar and piercing synths materialize, adding a classic rock feel to the bounce and drifting groove. "Fuyant" ("receding") is a more laidback number, with a pitter-patter drumbeat beneath shimmering guitars straight out of a spaghetti western. Distortion kicks in with squeals of buildup before fading back into the cleaner playing, then rising up again in an entrancing ebb and flow dotted with groovy breaks. Finally, closer "Ent'4 murs" (possibly "between walls") ends with even more relaxing vibes, as delicate guitar and singing builds a languid and comforting sound that's both peaceful and somewhat somber. These expressive and well-harmonized vocals are present throughout the three tracks, adding sincere emotion to the wash and groove. Météore's first release easily accomplishes what all demos strive for by delivering an intriguing promising debut that can hold its own, and is a truly moving and beautiful piece of psychedelic rock.

(Written by Kyle / Shastabeast)

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