woensdag 6 november 2019

Swörn - Swörn

Swörn - Swörn
Dotto - 2019
Desert, Stoner, Psych, Post
Rated: ****

Taking the distinctive sound and groove of desert rock and putting a spin on it all their own, newcomers Swörn build upon the classics of the past to deliver their excellent self-titled debut. Hailing from Turin, Italy, the three piece have crafted six gems of driving, emotive stoner rock inspired by the likes of QOTSA and Truckfighters. Following the buildup of eerie vocals and pattering drums of opener "Azathoth", the trio launch into an anthemic onslaught of roaring, grainy fuzz, overlaid by cries of "anguish" in a swelling wave of emotion. This momentum sweeps the listener into the hard-rocking groove and pummeling low end of "San Pedro", with drums straight from QOTSA's "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar..." and a break of whispers and staccato plucks a la Lullabies To Paralyze. Album highlight "Electric Saint" follows the theme of Homme-worship with a "Songs for the Deaf" inspired riff, but Sworn make their own identity heard with poppy vocals and a smooth transition into beautiful post-metal drift. Closers "Helluland" and "Tecumseh" end the album with a study in extremes, switching gears from the filthy fuzz of the former to the jangling chords and Stoned Jesus-style soaring riffage of the latter. A powerful and promising debut, Sworn wear their influences on their sleeves without being derivative, crafting a distinct identity of their own with a unique mix of driving desert groove and emotive, epic wash.

(Written by Kyle / Shastabeast)

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