maandag 25 november 2019

Phantom Druid - Red Eyes/Sacred Sabbath + Burning Truth/Autumn Shroud

Phantom Druid - Red Eyes/Sacred Sabbath + Burning Truth/Autumn Shroud
Self released - 2019
Doom, Stoner
Rated: ****

Presenting a double feature of doom, the Netherlands' one-man band that is Phantom Druid graced us with two 2-track releases in the past few months, offering up classic Sabbathian doom with earth-moving guitar tones and equally menacing vocals. Mastermind Tjeerd de Jong's two splits span a range of influences, starting with the marching, Iommic riffing of Red Eyes/Sacred Sabbath before downshifting into the wall-of-sound and lumbering nod of Burning Truth/Autumn Shroud, taking more cues from Cathedral than Sabbath. Throughout all four tracks the atmosphere is one of unrelenting menace, aided by tectonic low end and tones that saw through gravel; exhibit A, the opening riff of "Autumn Shroud". Of particular note as well are the excellent vocals, evoking Ozzy's keens in the first split and echoing the almost spoken-word stylings of Lee Dorrian in the second, with some Alice in Chains self-harmonizing thrown in for good measure. With such commanding guitar and vocals, the minimalist drumming is a perfect fit, building a solid foundation with which to drive forward the churn and plod while leaving just enough space to let it all crash down. Phantom Druid brings a crushing take on doom's masters of old, bearing a weight of tone that justifies a double-take at the one-man roster, and a classic voice that was tailor made for the genre. Hats off to this lone vision of doom.

(Written by Kyle / Shastabeast)

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