vrijdag 8 november 2019

Space Renegades – Teeth

Space Renegades – Teeth
Presence Records / Running Moose Productions – 2019 (November)
Psych, Krautrock, Stoner
Rated: ****

The Finnish ambition to take over the Musical Universe is given fresh ammunition with the release of Teeth by Helsinki - based outfit Space Renegades. Opening with a throbbing Krautrock bass, "The Beast" hums with odd harmonies and backward oscillations before the power-surge of hard riffs kick in and lock you into a tight, almost Indie Rock groove. "Erkilles" follows in the wake, gathering the power and pace in a flurry of Velcro-tight fuzz - melodically airy and expansive, it sucks you in to its danceable yet driving Psychedelic Rock. "The Summer Destroyer" drags Doom smeared riffs through dark alleys of sharp vocals and unexpected streetlights of saxophone sweetness. suddenly the bomb drops and a cascading tirade of tumbling atonal synth overwhelms the senses. From the mild-mannered musings of "Standing on the Mountain" the album re-ignites with more throbbing bass runs and Paisley-Pop saccharine during "Spaceships Made Of Wood", sugar-tempered with a dark, bitter undertone. "Royal Funeral" captures languid tones conveying a sense of Loss until the hearse fires up it's Twin V8's and launches off for a spectacular firework death of fierce fuzz and modulation. Space Renegades have gathered long and hard from the finest harvest of Psychedelia and found common threads in divergent styles and potent sounds. It's all in the mix, y'know... And this blend is Special Reserve…

(Written by Reek of STOOM)

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