donderdag 14 november 2019

Iguana Death Cult – Nude Casino

Iguana Death Cult – Nude Casino
Innovative Leisure – 2019
Rock, Garage, Psych, Pop
Rated: ***

There are a multitude of good, great and awesome bands hailing from the Netherlands. But one of the most fun and diverse is without a doubt Iguana Death Cult! Their newest release Nude Casino via American label Innovative Leisure seems to breaking even more ground when it comes to diversity. Moving towards fifties rockabilly or seventies funk, some soul, kraut or even jazz on certain tracks the fivesome has a keen ear to mix all theses aspects with the psychedelic rock of yore; the postpunk of the eighties or the choppy rhythms that was the blessing of the later power pop. And that is the overall lingering feeling; powerful pop. Pop that gets a kick from trying to be different. Different pop that gets loaded and weird on all those genres and influences we just mentioned. It feels like a stream-of-consciousness explosion that’s on the verge of delving into something greater and nearer to the truth than most hope to achieve. And yes, as diverse and totally different as this all sounds, it truly is. And we can assume that a following album will be just as different…

(Written by JK)

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