vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Velcro Fly – 5-Song Debut

Velcro Fly – 5-Song Debut
Self released – 2015
Rock, Hard, Stoner
Rated: ****

Somewhere on the outskirts of a little town called Oss in the Netherlands there’s something a buzzin and a fuzzin and it’s the 5-Song Debut by the Dutch five-piece called Velcro Fly. With members that already earned their spurs in The Gooch and Deadbeats you can be sure that something damn tight will be coming your ears very fast. Recorded under guidance from Marcel van de Vondervoort from Astrosoniq their first EP is exactly that, tight, raw and full of excellence. Exceptional guitar work and a stomping rhythm section, topped off by great vocals. A voice with that fine hint of whisky breath and smoked out lungs. Five amazing tracks that just wash over you like a great wave of awesomeness. Yes, we've gone overboard with the superlatives again. But rightfully so! And apparently, these hombres are even better when experienced live. So you’d better keep a watch out for Velcro Fly and hope it comes your way fast! We sure as hell will!

(Written by JK)

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