vrijdag 4 maart 2016

Morality Crisis – MASH

Morality Crisis – MASH
Minnesconsin Records – 2016
Metal, Core, Grind, Sludge, Prog, Punk
Rated: ****

For those of you who survived the trip back in 2013, there is a new sledgehammer adventure waiting for ya. Yes, we definitely had a wild time with Boats, the seven track obliterating album by Morality Crisis. With their new release MASH you are in the same kind of deep disturbing waters once more. Especially when you take the first two tracks, Cannons Fall On Cannon Fall and Gas. They both have you grab the nearest hammered down object to hold on to, cause its storming like a crazy grind and punky metalcore hurricane. But then the 22-minutes counting title track commences and that’s when the brilliance starts, when you find yourself trying to stretch your mind along with you luck so far that the musical fear you hear becomes exhilarating and vibrates into the core of your very being. There is no need to pull back, the volume needs to go up. Divided into five parts this one track delivers the best progressive hardcore that will ever grace your ears. Indeed, and the tears afterwards are vaporized before they even hit your cheeks. Cause we still have closer Cowboy Song that pummels you into submission! Hats off to Morality Crisis! And their new bloodcurdling kind of fun!

(Written by JK)

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