maandag 14 maart 2016

She Beast – Lactating EP

She Beast – Lactating EP
Self released – 2015
Heavy, Sludge, Filthy Ass Core Fuckers
Rated: ****

She Beast is just what the doctor ordered if you’re pissed, disgruntled, cranky, etc… The Lactating EP is my medicine, my medicine, for today. These guys are from Doreen, Australia, I don't know what Doreen is like but if I had to gauge it by this record I would have to say it's a fucking cesspool of filth. The record is sludge but encompasses  a punch you in the mouth punk edge as well. The band is heavy as heavy gets and the vocalist is nonstop yell/scream mode. My only beef with the record is I wish the vocals were a bit louder. I want to feel the wind from your mouth as it exits the speaker to smack me dead in the face. I'm keepin this one short because there isn't much more to be said. It's heavy, it’s filthy, it's great for anyone that likes punk mixed with heavier sludge. These guys are bordering more on hardcore from the 80's and is a definite must listen for people who enjoy this genre. Awesome EP!!!

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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