dinsdag 8 maart 2016

The Chris Rolling Squad – The Chris Rolling Squad

The Chris Rolling Squad – The Chris Rolling Squad
Self released – 2016
Rock, Seventies, Blues, Punk, Billy, Psych
Rated: ****

You want to be inspired by those legends of yore? You want to go back in time, back to the time when raw blues and gritty psychedelics turned rock music into a genuine beast? Get on board with The Chris Rolling Squad. On their self-titled debut the French power trio lead by guitarist/vocalist Chris Rolling punches a hole in the fabric of space and time, and lets you relive the golden days. And to such an amazing degree that the four original pieces and the Indian Red cover Janet Says Go Go Go can rival a lot of those wild earliest anthems. This is for the Stevie Ray fans, the Hendrix admirers and those cats who like to get down and dirty with some rockabilly. The ones who want their blues to groove and their rock to swing. This is diesel blues, heavy fuel for the open road and for backyard parties where the beer is only served to chase the dubious bourbon down the hole. Whore, Help Me and Vampire Blues will strike a chord in the heart of every one out there. And with the help of the Indian Red cover the party will truly start when the EP ends, cause then you will all be looking to get your drinking on and your thinking off. The Chris Rollins Squad will have you wallowing in the good stuff in the space of five damn good tunes!

(Written by JK)

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