donderdag 17 maart 2016

Desert Colossus – Desert Colossus

Desert Colossus – Desert Colossus
Self released – 2016
Rock, Stoner, Desert
Rated: ****

Holy hell and bat droppings on a stick! I feel like ordering everything on the menu and only barely touching my food. This calls for heavy drinking and Golfshoes. And guess what, Golfshoes, the opening track on the self-titled debut, by Dutch quartet Desert Colossus not only instigates and aggregates your inner beast; it lets loose the last of the titans inside and calls out for extremely wild times and savage behavior! Indeed, we’ve got something amazing on our hands here. Opening with atavistic stoner that seems to come straight out of the high desert near Palm Springs, the one that implored that punk adagio and skater mentality and then created a universe of its own. It constantly exhumes these steaming hot vapors, while also incorporating some punk evolved to grunge sounds like Mudhoney. But for the most part these guys show that there is still an amazing amount of room to maneuver and come up with ageless and ancestral stoner. The music born out of low hung riffs and rumbling bass work. The music born with Kyuss and all those great ones. Yes, we are stating the obvious. Desert Colossus has produced a gigantic record, one that can definitely measure itself up to those albums we all know by heart. Especially the opening track, which will definitely become a personal battle cry for me! “It’s hidden in the desert! Ah la la la la la! We’re gonna smoke some wine! La la la la la la!”

(Written by JK)

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