woensdag 16 maart 2016

Ainriail – Rural Sludge

Ainriail – Rural Sludge
Self released – 2015
Sludge, Doom, Heavy Experimental
Rated: ***.5

Leave it to the Irish! Ainriail's release Rural Sludge is as diversified as their countries past with what can only be described as a suffering in silence, then only to break free and clobber you over the head with a pounding bass drum combo. Eric and Tommy list one of their influences as Killing Joke and it shows. There are nuances on the recording that can probably only be heard in headphones and is killer for that reason alone. I have the same beef with this record as the last I reviewed. Don't bury your vocals. No one probably has a worst voice then me fellas, so I get it. But you guys have good voices. I want to hear it when you tell me F.U. But I guess on this record it could all be part of the vibe. There are sections of loudness. And overall the record rules. This is gonna be a record for people like me on the hunt for heavy but different. Not the same old Iommi laden rehashes. I know on boards and blogs like this that statement sends out a gasp, kind of like a Christian denouncing Christ himself. But how many times can you hear a Iommi clone and get excited? Some bands just fly to close to the sun with that shit and we all know what happens when you fly that close. Ainriail keeps the Iommi in there but mixes it up enough for me to take notice... I have a feeling we are gonna hear great things from Ainriail in the future. For me it was a refreshing type of sludge/doom. Slán go foil, Charlie Tooth…

(Written by Charlie Tooth)

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