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Yob – Live at the Underworld, London

Yob – Live at the Underworld, London 
8th September 2014

I missed Bast due to a patient throwing a bowl of yogurt over me! Yeah, sounds funny now but it did hold me up somewhat. This meant that the band playing when I had descended the stairs into the pit of heat, sweat and mob of head banging fanatics were the always popular Pallbearer. Now I have never really got into this band due to the vocals reminding me of countless 70’s/80’s average rock bands that I did not like then and certainly do not want to hear again. However in a live setting the singer has a much rawer edge that to my ears just raises them up into a different level. Their set was great, the sound was fantastic and the crowd responded with many a flailing of limbs and heads. I was surprised to see many people leaving to go up to the bar when they had finished – or get some cooler air but who cared – this meant that I could be in the second row from the stage. 

Some guys wandered on stage setting up guitars and chatting to people at the front. I suddenly realised it was Yob. Cool guys, just doing their thing and getting ready.  Mike Scheidt slowly started to chime out some clean notes that just rang and echoed for a while until the weight of the universe seemed to crash upon me as Yob let rip with all the sonic weapons at their disposal. This was music experienced through your bowels and chest as well as your ears. After the opening track – I think it was “Ball of Molten Lead” – they played the new album “Clearing The Path To Ascend” in its entirety. Some of the songs passages really had a trance like quality to them that really brought blissed out expressions to the crowd – worship at the Sonic Church of Yob is performed at full volume here – this was devotional music created by guitars, passion, growls, croons, bass that levels mountains and drums that made my eyes burn. They played a mesmerising set that was perfect in tone, sound and power. Due to the heat and beer, to be honest I kinda lost the plot as to what was being played towards the end, I was just content to let everything wash over me. This was probably the most intense, draining concert I have been to in a long time and one I will not forget in a hurry.

(Written by Tony)



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