woensdag 10 september 2014

Somali Yacht Club – The Sun

Somali Yacht Club – The Sun
Bilocation/Transubstans/Robustfellow – 2014
Rock, Psych, Post, Stoner
Rated: *****

Everyday whether we like it or not our attention is tugged towards whatever has been happening at the Ukrainian border that day. Our mind gets dulled and our hearts close up, a tiny bit more, every day. Otherwise there is no way to handle all the horror going on there and in many other places around the world. Luckily, once every so often something or someone comes along to pry open that throbbing muscular organ and free our thoughts. Somali Yacht Club hails from Lviv in the Ukraine and you can feel from the get-go that these fella’s have their hearts in the right place and know that whatever is happening on the other side of their country is dumb, evil and horrific. These cats bring an ode to The Sun and all its glory. Five tracks that all count eight to ten minutes bring you to the brink of bursting out in smiles and laughter. Not because it is funny music; but because it preaches the good stuff and warms your blood and soul with rays of sunshine and love. And no; this is not hippie music or music for those weary souls in communes. This is music for the open hearted and the open minded. Music that is psychedelic without trying to be. This is music to gaze upon the world from high mountaintops and pretending to understand its madness. The trio has somehow managed to capture so much in their new release that it defeats the purpose of trying to explain it all. You just have to listen and be swept away by all the colorful winds and kaleidoscopic raindrops. There is magic here and it is the magic of old...

(Written by JK)

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