woensdag 3 september 2014

Heroinne – Interstellar Grade Octainne

Heroinne – Interstellar Grade Octainne
Ozium Records – 2014
Rock, Stoner
Rated: *****

Somewhere in the arctic wastelands surrounding Trondheim, Norway four amigos started jamming and turned the enveloping cold into a steamy hot desert. It was 2012 when two EP’s, one named Despair The Species and another called Symmetric Sweep Across The Big Black came our way with a promise that Heroinne would soon release a full-sized album. Two years later and it is finally here. Interstellar Grade Octainne is chuck full of gritty stoner and smoky hard rock. With the opener Sludgehammer they put their foot down and show they mean business. After which it is the grimy and growling voice of Petter Grotan that captures your attention at first; but when the fourth track Yawning Sun rolls around you hardly hear him anymore and are completely immersed in that sizzling Norwegian stoner landscape that Heroinne paints for you. After which the goodness keeps on coming, including the fast paced stoner stomper Brained Dead and the slow fuzzed out cosmic trek called Rogue Planets Galore. Ending with the only one song that was lifted from those earlier EP’s, the final track Pulsar. And rightfully so, cause if you weren’t convinced by those first eight tracks than this one will surely turn you on and leave you wanting more. Heroinne, it’s addictive! 

(Written by JK)

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