dinsdag 23 september 2014

Possessor – Electric Hell

Possessor – Electric Hell
Self released – 2014
Occult Metal, Doom, Stoner
Rated: ****

Occult metal? Never been sure of what that means but when listening to these powerful grooves, to me, it means Doom played at Stoner speed which sounds just fine and dandy. These guys do not fuck around with meandering intros or acoustic beginnings – plug in, turn up, fuzz boxes set to kill, hey ho, let’s fucking go. This is unstoppable stuff on display. High On Fire heaviness mixed with an almost Discharge menace and drive just ticks all the boxes for me. Vocals are nicely buried in the mix with distortion and a dry edge that gives the gritty feeling needed. Riffs are of course served up with a side order of pounding drums and low end bass to envelop the listener in a total immersion of the vibes being produced. There is a raw/live feeling to the production that does not distract, in fact, it adds to the “in your face” mood that pervades this great album. It will be an injustice if Possessor does not go on to greater things.

(Written by Tony)

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