donderdag 11 september 2014

Edelhout – 2.0

Edelhout – 2.0
Self released – 2014
Rock, Seventies, Sixties, Garage, Psych, Punk, Stoner
Rated: ****

There’s a new band in town. In my hometown. And judging from the photos, they’re rehearsing where we used to rehearse. And they sound a little like those wild rascals from up north called Shaking Godspeed. But these cats sound a tiny bit more like dodgy stoner and with a bit more punky blues. They’re called Edelhout and hail from Helmond, the Netherlands. Where they started off back in 2008 as a two-piece rock formation that took cues from all those other ramshackle garage blues duo efforts like the White Stripes, Black Keys and the Bud Spencer Blues Explosion. But after the third member joined they transformed themselves into something wilder and more seventies. They’ve been winning band competitions left and right, which is only just, for their sound is highly infectious and lusciously raw. Just listen to that excited guitar and that crazy organ and those primal screams! And what a great name: Edelhout. Almost as good as Hooghwater

(Written by JK)

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