donderdag 4 september 2014

Dog Moon Howl – Dog Moon Howl

Dog Moon Howl – Dog Moon Howl
Channel Nowhere – 2014
Rock, Blues, Hard, Stoner
Rated: ****

There once was this band from Helmond, Netherlands called Ventilators (without The in front) who played what they themselves called Diesel Blues. Well, the Scottish trio Dog Moon Howl play the same kind of gritty and heavy blues rock. The eight tracks on their self-titled debut effort are honest hard working, driving, trucking blues fueled rock tracks. Some of those tracks move towards Motörhead or ZZ Top and one or two have a more stoner or doomy approach. But the main ingredient remains the gutter, the empty bottles and the filled ashtrays. This is music for the down and trodden; the ones with their minds on the end of their tether. The ones who have lost everything, but refuse to give up and keep on smiling like the naked madman in the rain. There’s definitely something seventies in there, something groovy and funky, something stomping and something that does damage. This is music for the dangerous ones among us, the ones who don’t mind losing. Don’t mind losing at all. So chuck another one and howl at the moon. For the world is dark and full of evil!

(Written by JK)

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