vrijdag 29 april 2011

New Keepers of The Water Towers – The Calydonian Hunt

New Keepers of The Water Towers – The Calydonian Hunt
Waardering: ****

Two years later and the Swedish formation New Keepers of The Water Towers delivers their second full-sized album The Calydonian Hunt. Founded in 2006 the four young dogs provided us with the masterly album Chronicles in 2009. Which was comprised of the in 2007 released EP Chronicles of The Massive Boar and the follow up EP The Chronicles of Iceman released in 2008. A truly massive record. And still the guys warrant sluggish heavy guitars, beastly riffage and trampling drumwork. The bombastic new album shift effortlessly between fierce almost psychedelic passages and intense dark blues to powerful metal madness. It gives that epic feeling and drags the listener along on yet another quest. As if the entire metal family is on a magical search for fire, the wheel or a piece of paper to wipe our ass with. So in short: another sublime piece of music by these four Swedish freaks!

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