woensdag 27 april 2011

Stoney Curtis Band – Cosmic Conn3ction

Stoney Curtis Band – Cosmic Conn3ction
Mascot/Provogue – 2011
Waardering: ***

The American guitarplayer/singer Stoney Curtis and his two compadre’s of the Stoney Curtis Band have once again managed to squeeze almost seventy minutes of electric blues onto their new record Cosmic Conn3ction. As if the guys who have been playing together since 1994 but released their debutalbum Acid Blues Experience in 2005 just walked into the studio, pushed the round red button and started playing. They let the good times roll and play full throttle untill they pull back and catch their breath while playing a lovely slow blues ditty. Typical bluesrock which loves to look back to the sixties and the time of the classic powertrio’s that paved the way. Very lovely record to float on and hide behind a wall of smoke. It might not be too surprising at times, but it has been executed like a mad bluesy whirlwind.

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