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Roadburn - 2011

Roadburn - 2011

Every year Roadburn manages to improve the atmosphere or at least be just as fun as the former edition. And with the amount beards and beer the four days of 2011 were no exception. Luckily no volcanoes or other earthly violence disrupted the pleasure. Except maybe the moving of Earth from Main Stage to the Midi Theater. Which caused an enormous queue and therefor had to be missed. But thanks to many other legends the festival once again almost achieved perfection.

On day one we saw David Eugene Edwards and his Wovenhand provoke and disconcert the audience, his presumed spawn of Satan were in awe of the mimicry and act he put on. And was Atomic Bitchwax by far the best that the first day offered. And of course we could laugh our asses of by the awful parody that is Ghost; nothing more then a damn ugly Pope. Second day brought us the Vampyr soundtrack wonderfully performed by Year Of No Light but without the teeth everyone was waiting for. Or was that a different movie? The much anticipated reunion of Beaver was kinda messy and therefor disappointed. Circle With The Pharaoh Overlord could of course by made up out of two bands; as they had a massive amount of guitars on stage. Or was that the LSD talkin? C.O.C. fun, Jesse Sykes lovely, Menace Ruine would be better of playing to a couple of dustbins, a dead cat and some weird passed out guy and last but not least Voivod in Midi was exhilarating!

Third day started off with free vinyl and a very good show by Gingerpig in Cul De Sac. Woe those who were not there! And continued with the amazing Black Math Horseman and its absurd good drummer. Ofcourse one then remains where they are to see White Hills and the red hot pants before wandering towards Main Stage where you will have tons of fun with Weedeater. Will the bass-player still have a headache after being used as part of the drum kit?

Ufomammut was also very amazing and enthralling in the Midi Theater, and we had perfect timing to get into the theater. As long as one does not go stand in line with the rest of the family and just passes the queue to slide in somewhere in front. Hey, the bouncer with the clicker said it would be the only way to see the show and he gave the nod. Otherwise we would never have done that. Honestly. Really.

No Afterburner, no glory. So we start off slowly with Spindrift and get blown away by Dragontears. Black Mountain gets the entire venue singing along. (With Happy Birthday, not one of their own songs. Sniff.) With an amazing set for a not sold out afterburner they surely cemented their position as top of the whole shebang. And Samsara Blues Experiment turns out to be the perfect ending to yet another successful Roadburn. And of course you see a few more bands along the way; and all of them were doing pretty great. Except of course the two mentioned before. Oh and who cares right; its one big family. And everyone can fuck up now and again. Naam? Ghost? Ich nicht weisse? Jamais! The countdown till Roadburn 2012 has commenced…

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  1. You seem to have missed all my personal highlights, which were Godflesh, Today is the Day, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Winter and SWANS!

  2. Saw a bit of Godflesh and Winter... But both did not work for me... And for some reason I think I also saw the end of Swans... But am completely uncertain about that...


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