donderdag 5 juni 2014

Crowbar – Symmetry In Black

Crowbar – Symmetry In Black
Century Media/Universal – 2014
Sludge, Doom, Core, Metal
Rated: ****

Almost together with the release of Down’s Down IV Part II, The Purple EP we are treated to a new Crowbar. Which seems fitting since Kirk Windstein left Down about a year earlier due to the health issues involved. What health issues? Well, due to the many days between rehearsing or playing gigs with Down the man was used to drink. Drink a lot. Drink liquor store owners into mansions. And then they still had to on tour... But thanks to marrying the right woman he has gained focus, wanted to step up his music and his earning and the way he did things. Dropping the bottle and writing and touring for a certain amount of days on end and then back to paying attention to his family. So, no more Down and every bit of musical energy devoted to Crowbar. And this was exactly the other way around for bassist Pat Bruders; who was replaced by madman Jeff Golden who you might know from Goatwhore or Six Feet Under. Both the Windstein drive and the new bass madness seems to work out. For it is highly apparent that they wanted to do something grandiose on their new release Symmetry In Black. Founded no less than twenty-five years ago their tenth release shimmers like pure sludge and doomcore gold. Royal riffs, pulverizing rhythms and a voice that just keeps getting better and better. What better way to celebrate their anniversary than to release something this brilliant and which after one careful listening session already seems to be worth even more than its heavy heavy weight in diamonds…

(Written by JK)

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