dinsdag 24 juni 2014

Bud Spencer Blues Explosion – BSB3

Bud Spencer Blues Explosion – BSB3
42Records – 2014
Rock, Blues, Garage, Punk, Stoner, Grunge
Rated: *****

We had already heard about these two Italian freaks around 2010. But it were the guys from Polarbeers that really turned us on to them. And ever since their previous album Do It from 2011 they have been in heavy rotation and we have anxiously been awaiting new stuff. That day has finally come for the Bud Spencer Blues Explosion has now released their fourth album called: BSB3! And what a ride it is! The two of them run through a musical field filled with experimentation in the traditional way and which covers all kind of different streams. They wade through rock and blues and dip their toes in stoner and grunge and do all of that with a punky attitude and garage feeling. And even though much of it is seeped with tradition and done with honor; there is also this modern quality. Sounds that sound so universal and catchy it has you hooked before you can say: Miracoli! It starts with the stomping Duel, the addictive Mama, the crazy Hey Man and continues to the heavy Rubik. And it never stops. Even when the slow and natural Troppo  Tardi ends; cause that’s where you put the needle back and let the record spin once again… Bella Zio! Questo è un album sorprendente e sicuramente non a tardive!

(Written by JK)

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