woensdag 5 juni 2013

Talbot - Scaled

Talbot - Scaled
Self released - 2013
Stoner, Doom
Rated: ***

Talbot, the Estonian stoner metal duo are back to treat us to “Scaled”, another serving of their well-executed (if derivative) soup of stoner-doom. Previous full-length, 2010’s EOS generated a significant buzz among the most stoned palates, so many will be eyeing this release with anticipation. “Spectral Express” gets things kicked off in rocking fashion with an eight+ minute beating of thick, meaty riffs, stoned guitar leads and vocals that alternate between Death Metal’s “Cookie Monster” stylisms and gruff, distanced shouts. Stoner Metal fans typically get their feathers ruffled when the vocals are something outside of the Ozzy/John Garcia mold but these vocals are in fact, a Talbot strength, holding the cosmic riffs and thundering rhythm section in check and keeping things interesting. The group doubles-down on this potent formula on “Shadowbird”, the highlight of the album and a good representative in the current state of affairs within the stoner/doom landscape. The final two tracks are dedicated to stretching outside the constructs used earlier and produce some interesting moments, I mean sheesh, how many stoner albums end with what sounds like Church organs? With Scaled, Talbot have certainly taken a big step forward from EOS and continue to make a seemingly stale genre relevant again... 

(Written by Matt)

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