maandag 21 november 2011

Weed Priest - Demo

Weed Priest – Demo
Self released – 2011
Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Occult, Metal
Rated: ****

From the muddy and foggy banks of Galway, Ireland hails a three-piece formation, which has been invoked as Weed Priest. And together they have been slaving on their songs since the end of 2008. And only know have they deemed the world worthy enough to be apart of their mystical experience. A three-track demo is released upon us souls and they still have another eight songs up their sleeves as well. The official demo part makes you part of their occult rituals and preachings. It initiates a ghostly and hypnotic sermon that is both low down, fuzzed out and low-fi. With relentless grinding they march forth and with military precision the drums and bass deliver the slow advance; leaving the guitar to build cathedrals. Epic houses of worship! And with complementary service of exorcism offered by the members should anyone become possessed by a demon; who can pass up an opportunity to see Weed Priest perform their ceremony…

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  1. Yeah! Excellent stuff. The Molten Universe (Kyuss) cover is also damn fun!


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