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Stoner HiVe’s Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…



Stoner HiVe’s 
Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…

Dätcha Mandala
Nine Moons

It’s Monday again! The Monday after Sonic Whip, still flying high from that festival. Man, what a ride! From the top of my head, amazing shows by Kadavar, Monolord, Minami Deutsch, Stoned Jesus, Delving, Kanaan, Domkraft, COFFIN, Full Earth, Dhidalah, Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers, Kintsugi Empire and many more! And now we’re preparing for an interview on Wednesday… And the Masters Of Reality concert on Thursday. Followed by Ruff Majik and Monkey3 on Sunday. And then a week or two later Freak Valley happens again. It might just be the best month of May ever! But due to all that and what came before we did not have that much time last week to HiVe. But stil, we did write about the Numbers 40 to 26 on the April Doom Charts, in what we like to call a Stoner Hype post. We also jotted down a few words about Nine Moons and Dätcha Mandala. Not sure what we can do this week. But I know for sure we’re doing another awesome Full Album Premiere again! More on that soon! Enjoy yer week and listen to the good stuff!

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