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Djiin – Mirrors



Djiin – Mirrors
Klonosphere / Season of Mist – 2024
Progressive, Psychedelic, Doom
Rated: Stevie does not rate

French Progressive Doomsters Djiin surpass all their previous works with 'Mirrors' :  An epic, transient journey encompassing Progressive, Doom and Post-Metal aesthetics that sees the band at their most inventive and challenging to date! Opening with "Fish", a strident rock-out with a distinct Stoner flavour, sets the tone for the rest of the album. The captivating voice of Chloe Panhaleux is the conduit for the band's hypnotic, progressive musings. Title track "Mirrors" moves through myriad time-twists revolving around guitarist Tom Penaguin's inimitable style, at times reminiscent of Steve Howe. Following along comes "(in the aura of my own) Sadness", which slows the pace to a more intricate almost Avant-Prog bent meandering and beautiful before bursting into a powerful mid-section which again highlights Penaguin's versatility and the tight backing of bassist Charlelie Pailhas and percussionist Allan Guyomard. "Blind" sees the band adopt a darker, more Doomy approach: a brooding slow-burner replete with stop-start rhythmic cadences and brash, abrasive vocals. "Iron Monsters" is the epic closer: A 13-minute excursion into heavy Progressive Rock that acts as a tour-de-force for all of the members to showcase their skill and unity. Overall, "Mirrors" delivers a fresh, modern take on Prog which incorporates different styles and genres with mind-bending ease!

(Written by Stevie Reek)




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