woensdag 22 mei 2024

Quantum – Down The Mountainside



Quantum – Down The Mountainside
Black Lodge – 2024
Metal, Prog, Math, Jazz
Rated: ****

For many of us heavy rock fiends, we only need to hear ‘Sweden’ and our ears will immediately prick up. Add to that genres like ‘progressive’ and ‘metal’ and you know we will be in for a good ride! A ride Down The Mountainside as the debut album by Swedish quartet Quantum is called. A debut album by these four, even though the band started back in 2016. Ever since that time it has existed mostly as a live project, honing their craft and polishing the songs they produced. Which is clearly audible on their debut studio effort. And if you open your debut album with a track called The HiVemind and The Cockroach, you know will give ear and write up! Down The Mountainside brings you eight tracks that are all definite prog metal, with overtures of prog rock, jazz and fusion infused and with a definite mathrock edge. This all leads to something highly evolved and multifaceted, yet entirely comprehensible. The switches in tempo and melody are legion, often immediately overwritten by lovely guitar solos and soaring melodies. Great vocal parts, harmonized choirs, a few biting snarls and often captivating singing. The crisp production and sharp mix leave nothing to want. The Last Stone end this forty-five minute run through the Quantum landscape in brilliant form, showing you every color that came before. This is one hell of a crackling debut!

(Written by JK)





Black Lodge

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