zaterdag 25 november 2023

Gula – Laughing Song



Gula – Laughing Song

Laughing Song is the first single from their soon to be released album Birds Of The Apocalypse. 15th of December is that date and that’s when Rotterdam, Netherlands based psychedelic doom quartet Gula will shove their new record out into the world. Ancient and atmospheric, their doom moves slow and its not until it speeds up and the chanting begins, before you understand what Gula is about. Fusing otherworldly, very old, primal magic with that doom we all love…

From the PR wire:

The band’s sophomore album follows the footsteps of their debut in nature but expands on all fields, with the band’s signature sonics having become a fuller and more holistic experience in the composition process. Being significantly more diverse and experimental when compared to the debut – and including a broader array of synth work for an example – Birds of the Apocalypse was as customary for them, recorded live with just a few overdubs here and there. Gula’s combination of psychedelic music with doom and metal tendencies topped off with calm and atmospheric passages is a particularly organic and gripping one, and whoever finds themselves from listening to Birds of the Apocalypse, will find its hooks and textures highly enjoyable. Taking their name from the Mesopotamian goddess of healing often portrayed with a dog by her side, Gula’s lyrical content seeks inspiration from movies, literature, and philosophy, applying further weight to the already ponderous album.




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