zaterdag 25 november 2023

Duster – Remote Echoes



Duster – Remote Echoes
Konkurrent / Numero – 2023
Rock, Lo-fi, Indie, Mumblecore
Rated: ***

I’ve never been a huge listener of Duster. I do have all their albums. And definitely appreciate their version of slowcore. But I simply need to have everything Duster, Helvetia and Built To Spill because of the obsession thing. My obsession with Rancho De La Luna grew to encompass every member of every band that ever recorded in Rancho. Or actually just set foot in that magical studio in the desert. And of course, since Jason Albertini was a part of Queens Of The Stone Age in the very beginning, we need to keep track of everything Mr. Albertini does. Another reason Duster never got much playtime over here, is simply because they were largely unknown over in Europe at the moment they were truly active, back in the nineties. But after re-releasing their debut album Stratosphere for its 25th Anniversary two months ago, they obviously went through the back catalogue of home recordings and found more sketches from that time still lying about. This resulted in the fourteen pieces of music on Remote Echoes, old demo’s, obscure pieces of tracks once released on cassette, all like snapshots from a long forgotten past. The dusty atmosphere ever present, the fourteen tracks, lasting less than thirty minutes give you a glance into the messy bedroom all this was recorded in. Fragmentary, lo-fi, like a collage of incomplete memories the tracks give off that post-rocking, slow-coring, slacker, lethargic spirit with as little effort as possible. The insights given do take you back to that bedroom just mentioned, that filthy room everyone once had. Messy, and dubious stains everywhere… Or as they state themselves: cigarette bums, weed crumbs and stained coffee-cups…

(Written by JK)





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