woensdag 29 november 2023

The Fulcrum – Collide



The Fulcrum – Collide
Self released – 2023
Rock, Alternative, Punk, Nineties, Stoner, Metal
Rated: ***

Starting off with a high Supafuzz, Dave Angstrom kind of vibe, (which means you immediately have my attention!) New York fourpiece The Fulcrum opens the ball right in the middle of their narrative with title track Collide. Ten tracks sporting new album Collide then also moves towards something that has an Alien Ant Farm kind of vibe, especially on a track like Wolves. Which means the band always has a punk spirit, knows where the ear pleasing melodies tend to hide and know how to combine the two. But nineties alternative rock and metal are definite pillars for The Fulcrum as well, and with two vocalists steering the different songs, there is always a different approach to these elements waiting for you. Nostalgia for instance, sounding off towards something more eighties and even progressive, uses a different vocal style all together, sporting damn fine guitar work, as all tracks seems to do. And even though the four seem to explore all these different regions of heavy rock, their interpretation of all these styles, makes Collide completely their own. The Fulcrum makes all of it center around The Fulcrum and the pop sensible, catchiness that they have a knack for…

(Written by JK)




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