maandag 18 september 2023

Almost Honest - Amish Hex

Almost Honest - Amish Hex
Argonauta Records - Fall 2023
Stoner, doom

Lancaster County's local stoner rock heroes Almost Honest are always good for some tongue in cheek humor and Pennsylvania folklore, and the new single and video "Amish Hex" sees them at the peak of their powers. The central riff the tune rides on is a righteous one, booming and grooving a la Red Fang, surrounded by dark western vibes and even some tasty Hammond. The singing is as deep and soulful as ever, and well-placed group vocals add extra punch. The song would be plenty powerful on its own, but Almost Honest make a case for Stoner Music Video (trademark pending) of the year with an instant classic. Evil Dead vibes abound as a bullied Amish child enlists some dark magic to put his foes in their place via colorful murders, from a lawnmower mauling to the cream of the crop, a butter-churned face. Kudos to Almost Honest for creating the most entertaining music video I've seen in a long time, and leaning into their Pennsylvania roots to mine musical gold.

(Written by Kyle SB / Shastabeast)








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