donderdag 29 juli 2021

Crobot – Rat Child



Crobot – Rat Child
Mascot Records – 2021
Rock, Hardrock, Stoner
Rated: ****

We became Crobot fans for life after we first heard that, errrr, legendary, The Legend Of The Spaceborn Killer back in 2012. And we mean it, cause even though we must confess that we do not listen to Welcome To Fat City or Motherbrain nearly enough, we still listen to Something Supernatural from 2014 and the earlier version from 2012 regularly. And the new four track EP Rat Child has been spinning daily ever since we received it. Featuring guest spots by Frank Bello from Anthrax, Stix Zadinia from Steel Panther and Howard Jones from Light The Torch (ex-Killswitch Engage) the EP takes on four distinctly different hardrock personas. One moving towards arena rock, while another stays dusty and bluesy. A groove is always present and when they start off a track with an ominous approach to a ballad you know you will be listening to something special! And it is! Simply stated, you need to put the always riff ready Rat Child EP by Crobot on repeat and let it slowly take hold of every fiber of your being. Cause it will and it will turn you into a life long fan as well!

(Written by JK)





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