vrijdag 23 november 2012

Crobot – The Legend of The Spaceborne Killer

Crobot – The Legend of The Spaceborne Killer
Self released – 2012
Rock, Hard, Classic, Stoner, Seventies, Psychedelica
Rated: *****

Thanks to lucAs who had been on the lookout for Crobot’s debut album; we can now claim to be a fan for life of these four freaks. Cause on their first record The Legend Of The Spaceborn Killer they sport an unwavering love for all the good rock stemming from the seventies. With a huge booming sound and a majestic groove they swagger through the psychedelic era and transport all that good stuff through some nineties heaviness and into a classic future. For the future is definitely bright for these guys; they will surely start a new movement and things will surely start happening. They can boast about their classic riffs, excellent vocals, tasty melodies, otherworldly catchiness and a powerful undercurrent of absolute fabulousness. But that doesn’t matter; for these guys are the real deal and some of their songs already rival the ones provided by the masters of yore. Yes; they shine like a retro copper medallion; but the artistry is brand new and the details flicker like diamonds and radiate pure gold. This will definitely end high on my own top 2012 list!

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