woensdag 5 november 2014

Crobot – Something Supernatural

Crobot – Something Supernatural
Wind-Up Records/Nuclear Blast – 2014
Rock, Seventies
Rated: *****

These cats released their first album Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer to much of my anticipation back in 2012. But Crobot pulled it again due to the fact of new members entering the band. The line-up changed, the sound changed. Well, A bit. A tiny bit. And if that was possible at all; only for the better! Which resulted in the release of the teasing self-titled EP in the beginning of this year and now finally, the official through record company channels released Something Supernatural album. And it truly is supernatural. Produced by Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God) their huge sound becomes even more mountainous. Elegantly elevated to the level colossal. With an enormous amount of groove their seventies styled rock is funky fuzz and deliciously distorted where needed. But above all it is their sliding rhythms and thrown tempos that just mesmerize and hypnotize. On top ofcourse of the amazing songwriting quality, tight riffs, guitarlines, thrashing drums and a vocalist that wails, howls and screams like there is a Chupacabra biting his ass. Holy hell man, Crobot, it’s all happening. The way Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer has grown and still opens the album with an utterly massive bang. Wow. Crobot. Something grungy, something funky, something seventies and even something stoner, shit man, Something Supernatural. This is energetic, raw and wild music for wild times and we all deserve to have them at least once a week!

(Written by JK)

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