dinsdag 27 juli 2021

Trigger Cut - Rogo



Trigger Cut - Rogo
Self released - March 2021
Noise rock, post-punk
Rated: ****

German noise rockers Trigger Cut debuted in 2019 with the excellent Buster, and have swiftly put any sophomore slump concerns to rest with Rogo. Trigger Cut specialize in the kind of noise rock that jars and jitters and generally induces panic, but they just pull back from the edge with an underlying post-punk groove. The scrambling bass twangs and jumps, punching out metallic Gang of Four style staccato while the squirrelly guitar shrieks overtop. The drums are in constant, rolling motion, and adding to the chaos are appropriately crazed vocals spitting and spewing. Every track on the album manages to be simultaneously catchy and totally unhinged, beginning with opener "Solid State" and its explosions of guitar squeals and madcap drums. Follow-up "Coffin Digger" charges straight ahead with a skittering, relentless riff that runs through the song like an electric wire. The outro slows down and each instrument proceeds to stumble and totter towards the finish, the audio equivalent of a car crash in slow motion. More and more apparent as the album goes on is a touch of sludge as well,  in the grimy bass as much as in Rogo's general vibe. The added flavor becomes especially apparent in the anthemic "Fireworks", where between the bright and screechy choruses, gravelly distortion slams down with stomping drums. Amidst all the chaos and madcap energy, Rogo would be too off the rails in lesser hands, but Trigger Cut masterfully balance the noise side of noise rock with punchy grooves to tie a bow on a beautifully bonkers album.

(Written by Shasta Beast)



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