donderdag 22 juli 2021

Woodcreeper - Mephisto's Kite



Woodcreeper - Mephisto's Kite
Self-released - June 2021
Stoner, alternative, psych
Rated: *****

Iowa's weird and wonderful Woodcreeper are back with their much anticipated second album, and it more than meets expectations. Mephisto's Kite is an alternative stoner rock delight, chock-full of groove with the band's signature warmth, while hiding a surprise around every turn. The excellent vocals are still charismatic and raw, but with more group vocals this time around to add a classy extra oomph. Opener "Chicory Witch" starts things off with thrumming fuzz and agile, busy drums to create an easy nod. Momentum builds until some bluesy, crunchy guitar kicks in, hinting at the soaring psych solo to bring the song to an epic close over crashing kitwork. Follow-up "Lavos Cronos" continues the bassy, bouncing grooves with some extra stoner heft, setting a firm foundation for punkier singing backed by hard-hitting gang vocals. In true Woodcreeper fashion, out of left field comes a frenetic sax solo that sounds eastern one second and Mars Volta-level spastic the next. Yet another curveball comes with the title track, a ballad with shimmering warmth that still absolutely stomps between choruses. At the risk of spoiling much more of the fun, before album's end the trio manage to fit in a Hendrix-channeling solo on "Ezekiel", classic rock boogie on "Puddy Cat Twist", and caustic riff assaults in closer "Orchid Gore", with a scorching space-bound solo as the cherry on top. Woodcreeper is still one of the best-kept secrets in stoner rock, but if Mephisto's Kite is any indication these madmen won't be under the radar for long.

(Written by Shasta Beast)





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