vrijdag 7 augustus 2020

Valkyrie – Fear

Valkyrie – Fear
Relapse Records – 2020
Rock, Hard, Metal, Proto, Prog
Rated: ****

I only briefly listened to the new Valkyrie album Fear before the July Doom Charts rolled around. The honorable John Gist then stated that the Number One spot was well deserved and the only possible one for this month; and that sealed the deal. We had to dive deep into the sound of the new Valkyrie. Hugo Hulleman of course already did the deed for the Doom Charts mentioning the Baroness link, the mix of proto-metal, stoner and classic rock and paying homage to their riffage. So, we continue on and begin to hear all of those comparisons made. The Thin Lizzy, the Blue Oyster Cult, the Pentagram, the Uncle Acid and of course the Sabbath love. But then we start hearing those more eighties influences, some Killing Joke or post gothic edge; giving an eerie feeling of loss during the chorus and then going all seventies hardrock afterwards, pulling on the emotional thread. Cause there is depth here. Melancholy and sadness taking center stage for the most part. Offset by wild guitar playing, absolutely stunning bass and riveting drum-work. We had little time to listen before the July Doom Charts rolled around; it then took some time to grab hold; but now it just keeps on spinning!

(Written by JK)

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