zaterdag 8 augustus 2020

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

We hope it’s still Friday somewhere cause we are in dire need of some fast action! Some Quick Fire Friday action! You know the deal, still too little time to do things properly, but there is a bit of green light on the horizon. So, we do hope to do some more during the upcoming week. But for now we just want to melt, before we melt down, on this sweltering hot day, in the bath of lave that the Quick Fire Friday is! So here we are! And we know, we know, the albums and bands deserve more than the few words we will jot down here. More attention and more of our time! But there is so much out there and we just simply cannot ever do it all justice. So here it is. The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And its burns hot like molten lava!

Six Steps Above The Earth - Step 3 Special Edition Cassette

Six Steps Above The Earth’s heavy, slow and monotone sound got a special treatment with their Step 3 release. The Doom, Drone, Doomgaze thereof now gets an extra special treatment on a Special Cassette edition. Those crazy Greek music fiends decided to release only 10 pieces of it! “Step 3 recording period was full of ideas, sessions and lives. In Step 3 special cassette edition we are trying to convey this climate by adding 2 tracks, one unreleased track from studio and one from live recording….” Interested? Better hurry!

Hellhookah - The Curse L.P.

Somewhere around September the awesome Olde Magick Records will release Hellhookah’s latest album The Curse on vinyl. And rightfully so! Sabbathian goodness, dark, ominous and twisted. The Lithuanian duo makes you hallucinate and will damn you forever to the doom! Golden doom it is!

Under The Mountain – Black Velvet

The honorable Bucky Brown stated about their II album : “The albums ranges from straight up heavy rock, to 80's metal, shades of hardcore and back to pulsating doom all in 10 solid tracks. One of those albums you can play on repeat and never burn out. The vocals are straight fire.” We wonder where the guys from Under The Mountain are going next, cause on August 16th they will release a video of their version of the Alannah Myles song Black Velvet. The Teaser can be viewed HERE!

Athon – Reverse Satyr

Argonauta Records will release their first album at the end of September. But we can already get completely crazy on the first single Reverse Satyr! Athon from Italy brings out the Sludge in ten ton heavy form! The album will feature five blistering tracks showcasing forty minutes of pure, raw and finest sludge, doom and stoner metal. It’s Athon on Argonauta and it’s awesome!

Mothman and The Thunderbirds – Nomad

If you tease us by namechecking and stating that your first single is: “a blend of stoner metal, sludge metal, and hard rock, and is recommended for fans of Mastodon, Baroness, High on Fire, and Hyborian.” We will surely go and peruse the bandcamp site provided! Well, the Mothman did not lie and did not exaggerate, if anything, he understated! Nomad is Jupiterian heavy! Freakin hell!

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