zaterdag 29 augustus 2020

Bleeding Eyes - Golgotha

Bleeding Eyes - Golgotha
Go Down Records - July 2020
Doom, sludge, psych
Rated: ****

Italy has made a name for itself as a hotbed of quality heavy, and veteran doomed sludgers Bleeding Eyes further cement that reputation on their sixth album Golgotha. The group delivers an apocalyptic and unrelentingly dark soundscape of low and slow doom, caustic sludge, and gothic guitars. Opener "In Principio" creeps in amid eerie background noise, building loads of atmosphere before launching a wall-of-sound riff that comes slamming down to anchor the chaos. The combination of massive guitars and dread-inducing effects is Bleeding Eyes' secret weapon, employed throughout the album alongside wild, guttural vocals that often verge into spoken word. The overall feel is that of the darkest of horror movies, suffocating and somber while hammering out amplified punishment. "1418" boasts a steamroller of a riff over a harsh drum assault, while the crunching lurch of "La Veritá" is even more unsettling against the background layers of keening, cavernous noise. Highlight track and closing cut "Inferno" then takes off the gloves with a straight ahead, classic doom riff that stomps forward with quaking low end and a monumental sense of weight.  Golgotha is an intensely heavy and cathartic slab of doom, and such distinctly styled and affecting music speaks to Bleeding Eyes' mastery of their craft.

(Written by Shasta Beast)

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