donderdag 13 augustus 2020

Lead Desert Blues - No Need

Lead Desert Blues - No Need
Self released - July 2020
Sludge, stoner, desert, blues
Rated: ****

Roaring out of London comes punishing sludge two piece Lead Desert Blues, with their debut album No Need. Not ones to take the stripped down sonic approach to being a guitar and drums duo, these two make their presence felt immediately with a frighteningly dense wall of sound. The guitar wields some of the filthiest, most abrasive distortion heard this year, and the wild drumming hits with a force that would have the nearest kit running for the hills. Filling out Lead Desert Blues' already massive sound are the fittingly caustic vocals, shouted and spat with punk energy over the rolling grooves. No Need moves through six cuts of pummeling noise, shifting between twisting stoner riffs and straight ahead sludge stomp.  Highlight track "Blessed" is the most ruthless of the bunch, doling out a slamming stop-start attack, only broken up by screeching wails of feedback. The percussion is no less powerful, with booming hits that sound like some ancient war drum marching the horde off to battle.Lead Desert Blues are no one trick pony, either, laying down dusty southern blues on "Livin' With The Enemy", complete with a jamming harmonica that fits the gritty noise like a glove. No Need is a deafening first statement from a band who have already established a unique and utterly crushing sound. Lead Desert Blues are a force to be reckoned with.

(Written by Shasta Beast)

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