donderdag 13 augustus 2020

Thank you!

Thank you!

We don’t recognize this enough perhaps and we only just noticed we are on route to 4000 likes and 5000 followers. Respectively almost another 100 and 500 to go… But we just want to say thank you for the support the HiVe has gotten over the years. Stoner HiVe was around in a different form, for those who know, long before the blog started back in 2009. It then took another two years to actually get around to moving it on to Facebook as well. And after that we forgot to actually do any PR work for it. Only the last few years we tried to push outwards more; and not because we need Stoner HiVe to become bigger for our own good; but simply because the words of appreciation the team writes for the albums they love, should just be read more; so that more will find out about those awesome bands and their albums! So I guess, thank you to the current Team Doktor420, Tony Maim, Reek of STOOM and Shasta Beast for doing what you do, thank you to all the heavy musicians out there for making all that beautiful music and thank you all, dear followers… It is without any doubt highly appreciated and very unreal… Be well everyone! Mahalo!

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