maandag 8 mei 2017

Stoner HiVe's Top 5 Artists listened to last week

Stoner HiVe's 
Top 5 Artists listened to last week:

Another week and tons of new grooves! We’ve been grooving to The Sunken Djinn, the new Vokonis for a while now. We had eagerly been awaiting the album since we saw its awesome artwork (by Tessa Najjar) and since we were absolutely smitten with their debut release Olde One Ascending from 2016. And rest assured my fellow fiends, they have done it again. A truly magnificent album to follow-up what was one of the best debuts from 2016. So, get ready to fall in love with The Sunken Djinn! And as explained in the mention of the new Green Yeti album Desert Show, there is some weird magic going on. Which has put a spell on us. We can’t seem to let go of those tracks. Can you? As well as that crazy garage and wicked fuzz release by Bartek. The perfect soundtrack for a mad race through the city. And then there’s No Waves, Just Sharks by The Mad Doctors. The perfect soundtrack to a beach party or a backyard BBQ; we love both and we love the noise those Mad Doctors make even more. A new absolute favorite over here! And then there is a new Geezer, which is always a treat. Psychoriffadelia, as the new album is called, shall be released in June and captures a moment in time when Geezer was playing with Charles Ruggiero on drums while Chris Turco was on a work related hiatus. Turning more to old school blues tinted hardrock, infused with psychedelics and stoner it is a different animal than their self-titled album from last year. But it is, definitely, one king hell of a beast! And one, that one wants to get groovy with!

So get groovy!

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