vrijdag 5 mei 2017

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

It’s Friday. And you know what that means?! If we have the time we fire off a Quick Fire Friday round! It’s a fast way to give a little more attention to some of those bands we love out there. And when time is scarce it might even be the best way to do some HiVe’n! So here it is once again, a small selection of amazing bands that deserve way more attention than the tiny amount of words selected here. But hey, it’s the Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday. And its burns hot like molten lava!

Last Rizla – KLS9532

The title of this two track release feels ominous in some weird way. And the music does too. Even though the Greek, Last Rizla quartet seem like the ultimate fun bunch, judging from the way they introduce themselves through their homepage and email correspondence. The two tracks are seriously good, which helps build to their paradox. Take everything serious but yourself and being serious. But, back to the music. Two amazing growling, noisy, sludge punk tracks that immediately pull you into their world. As if falling into another dimension. The Last Rizla, you always needs more!

Crawl – 30 Year Suicide

Crawl, is a scream and screech, doom sludge trio from Atlanta, Georia in the United States. Their new seven inch 30 Year Suicide released through Bad Road Records holds two slow sludge marches that are filled with monstrous riffs and lumbering rhythms. On top off that we have screams and screeches straight out of the bottom layer of hell. As most of the freaks who follow the HiVe know, we are not really a fan of such vocalizations. But when they are done with such feverous energy one cannot do much else but feel admiration and the intensity burn in your gut with which it is delivered…

Mutual Aid – Slaves of Capital

Firmly wedged in the doom/sludge genre, Australian metalhippie Peter’s project Mutual Aid seeks to create crushingly heavy music for our current dystopian times. With heavy anti-capitalist themes running throughout the album, Slaves Of Capital as an album is a conscious and concerted effort to escape the dark fantasy so prevalent in the doom genre. But one can surely only bring forth bleak and dark tunes when talking about the dystopian state of society. And they have done just that, translated the wickedness of the world into grating riffs and distorted sounds. Let’s hope for a better future together with Mutual Aid!

Olneya – Olneya

Another one-man project is Olneya from Rimini in Italy. A much more psychedelic take on stoner metal and desert rock. Decidedly progressive in nature the five instrumental tracks on this self-titled EP maneuver its way perfectly through the heavy rock landscape we all love to wander through. And everyone will surely love to have Olneya on a trek through the desert. Even more so now, for it seems the man has found members to complete his band. So, no longer a one man show, Olneya is complete and looking for a future filled with good music! And we shall follow their path!

The Mad Doctors – No Waves, Just Sharks

Yes! We love the album title! No Waves, Just Sharks! So, get on your swim trunks, dive in and be prepared to get bitten. By without a doubt the best album of this Quick Fire Friday round! And just pray those three bearded, lab-coated creeps strung out on a dumpster beach, hi-fiving the sun, have the right medicine. And they do, two parts fuzz, one part reverb, and a jigger of formaldehyde. Yes, my fellow fiends, the Mad Doctors know how to describe themselves and yes, this is the perfect fuzzy, stoner surf, garage punk album for the upcoming summer. Released on King Pizza Records, these ten lo-fi tracks are all equally wild, raw and positively delirious! Envision big insanely rowdy beach parties filled with copious amounts of liquor of dubious quality and all sorts of different drugs. So yes, think of a sun stroke waiting to happen!

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