zondag 7 mei 2017

Devils Hunt Me Down – In Media Res

Devils Hunt Me Down – In Media Res (Episode 1)
Self released – 2017
Rock, Alternative, Stoner
Rated: ***

Whenever a relatively new band teams up with producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden) it definitely raises expectations and one cannot help but getting anxious to hear the end result. Well, the four amigos that make up Devils Hunt Me Down deliver something wild and interesting with their In Media Res (Episode 1) EP. A full album released over the course of the upcoming year in the form of three EP’s. And judging from the first release we shall be in for quite a treat. Cause these four songs are filled with a might groove, choppy riffs and a funky vocalist. There is also something northern about these tracks. Something with a chilly air and a warm touch. Even though that is something which is not easy to explain, it has to do with the overall feel. With a distinct break in its rhythmic pulse and a bouncy atmosphere, the tracks do still remember a bit of an earlier project of one or more members named Mind Vice. But this has a distinctly more dance vibe and energetic ambiance. And with all that, it might sound poppy, but it is not, it still growls, it still bites and it still draws blood!

(Written by JK)

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